The following is a list of some of the books

The Inspira Group has helped place and promote

 The Older Person’s Guide to New Stuff  (Robinson) by Mark Leigh (June 2019)

  The Little Book of Wonder  (Orion Spring) by Bernadette Russell (November 2018)

  The Little Book of Kindness  (Orion Spring) by Bernadette Russell (September 2017)

   The Paradise Ghetto  (Accent Press) by Fergus O’Connell (March 2017)

  How to Talk Teen  (Little, Brown Book Group) by Mark Leigh (November 2016)

 The Dreadmore Saga:  Dawn of Sathram  (AG Books) by A. A. Walker (October 2016)

 The Burning of Juniper Slaide  (AUK Authors) by Johanna Handley (September 2016)

 Ultimum Mysterium  (John Hunt Publishing) by Anthony Burns (July 2016)

  Jax‘ House  (Union Bridge Books) by John Kitchen (May 2016)

  How to Be a Cat  (Michael O’Mara) by Mark Leigh (April 2016)

  You Did Say Have Another Sausage  (Acorn Books) by John Meadows (March 2016)

 Be the Change, Make it Happen  (Ivy Press) by Bernadette Russell (February 2016)

 The Shout  (Andrews UK) by Chris Snell (December 2015)

  Seawinds  (Andrews UK) by Dorothy M. Mitchell (December 2015)

 The Island of Monsters  (Andrews UK) by Noah F. Bunyan (October 2015)

  Is It In Yet? The Big Book of Sexual Favours  (John Blake Publishing) by Mark Leigh (October 2015)

  The Jaguar: A Tale of Gods, Ghosts and Gangsters  (Andrews UK) by A. T. Grant (September 2015)

  How to Be a Dog  (Michael O’Mara) by Mark Leigh (September 2015)

 How a Little Planning Beats a Lot of Firefighting  (How To Books) by Fergus O’Connell (May 2015)

  The World According to Nigel Farage  (John Blake Publishing) by Mark Leigh (April 2015)

 Inside Out  (Andrews UK) by Janet Ollerenshaw (January 2015)

 The Paradigm of Success  (Acorn Books) by John Frame (November 2014)

 Stuff I’d Really Wish I’d Known When I Started Working  (Wiley/Capstone Business) by Fergus O’Connell (November 2014)

 How to Chat Someone Up at a Funeral  (John Blake Publishing) by Mark Leigh (November 2014)

  Benedict – Prophecies and Games  (Acorn Books) by Jackson Bennett (November 2014)

  Per Fine Ounce  (Acorn Books) by Peter Vollmer (September 2014)

  Sekabo  (Thames River Press) by Richard Woolley (September 2014)

 Diamonds Are But Stone  (Acorn Books) by Kathy Lavelle (September 2014)

  A Moment More Sublime  (Upper West Side Philosophers) by Stephen Grant (September 2014)

 In the Shadow of the Eye  (Oak Tree Press) by Peter Vollmer (August 2014)

  The Concubine Affair  (Acorn Books) by Quig Shelby (August 2014)

   Terra Nova  (Acorn Books) by David C. Garland (July 2014)

  The Dark Horizon  (Thames River Press) by Simon Hall (June 2014)

  Good Hope  (Thames River Press) by Malcolm Kohll (June 2014)

 To The Death  (Thames River Press) by Peter R. Hall (June 2014)

  The Woman Who Dared to Dare  (Thames River Press) by William Coles (June 2014)

   Candlelight  (Thames River Press) by Fergus O’Connell (June 2014)

  Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy  (Ivy Press) by Bernadette Russell (May 2014)

  WITCH  (Black Rose Writing) by A. M. Keen (April 2014)

  The Crocodile Masquerade  (Acorn Books) by Quig Shelby (April 2014)

   Chemical Attraction  (Thames River Press) by Mike Uden (April 2014)

  The Sunbird  (Acorn Books) by Susan Fairfoot (April 2014)

  Weird Sh*t  (Summersdale Publishers) by Mark Leigh (March 2014)

  Haunted  (Acorn Books) by A. M. Keen (February 2014)

   Must Try Harder! History  (Constable & Robinson) by A. N. Teacher (December 2013)

  Must Try Harder! English  (Constable & Robinson) by A. N. Teacher (December 2013)

   Must Try Harder! Geography  (Constable & Robinson) by A. N. Teacher (December 2013)

  Must Try Harder! Science  (Constable & Robinson) by A. N. Teacher (December 2013)

  The Woman Who Was the Desert Dream  (Thames River Press) by William Coles (October 2013)

  Muscle  (Thames River Press) by David Barry (October 2013)

    Moonlight  (Thames River Press) by Fergus O’Connell (October 2013)

   Guardians of the Jesus Gene  (Thames River Press) by Peter R. Hall (October 2013)

    The Servant and Mistress Stories  (Thames River Press) by Lucinda Rhys-Evans (September 2013)

    Servant and Mistress  (Thames River Press) by Lucinda Rhys-Evans (September 2013)

   The Bittersweet Vine  (Thames River Press) by Marissa de Luna (September 2013)

  EUrrgh (Constable & Robinson) by Mark Leigh (September 2013)

  Publish and Promote Your Ebook in a Day  (Thames River Press) by Darin Jewell & Conrad Jones (September 2013)

   E-books: How to Sell and Market Them  (Champagne Books) by Darin Jewell & Conrad Jones (July 2013)

  20 Minutes to Master… Feng Shui  (HarperCollins) by Simon Brown (August 2013)

 The Power of Doing Less: How to Spend Your Time on Things That Really Matter  (Wiley/Capstone) by Fergus O’Connell (August 2013)

  EPIC FAIL – The Ultimate Book of Blunders  (Random House/Virgin Books) by Mark Leigh (June 2013)

 Death of a Butterfly  (Thames River Press) by Simon Brown (June 2013)

  A Spectre in the Stones  (Thames River Press) by John Kitchen (June 2013)

 Place of a Skull  (Thames River Press) by Keith Jacobsen (June 2013)

  Shadows of Justice  (Thames River Press) by Simon Hall (May 2013)

  The Woman Who Knew What She Wanted  (Thames River Press) by William Coles (May 2013)

 A Child for the Devil  (Thames River Press) by Conrad Jones (May 2013)

  100 Ways to Publish and Sell Your Own E-Book  (How To Books) by Conrad Jones & Darin Jewell (May 2013)

  Missing Persons  (Robert Hale) by Meurig Jones (March 2013)

   The Sacrifice  (Robert Hale) by Mike Uden (March 2013)

  RAINBOW  (Thames River Press) by Michael G. R. Tolkien (March 2013)

  WISH  (Thames River Press) by Michael G. R. Tolkien (March 2013)

Speaking With Strangers  (Chipmunka Publishing) by Susan Fairfoot (October 2012)

  Criminally Insane  (Thames River Press) by Conrad Jones (October 2012)

   Criminal Revenge  (Thames River Press) by Conrad Jones (October 2012)

  The Child Taker  (Thames River Press) by Conrad Jones (October 2012)

   The Woman Who Made Men Cry  (Thames River Press) by William Coles (October 2012)

   CIA -&nbspCanine Intelligence Agency  (Summersdale) by Mark Leigh (October 2012)

  FBI – Feline Bureau of Investigations  (Summersdale) by Mark Leigh (October 2012)

  More Careless Talk  (Andrews UK Publishing) by David Barry (September 2012)

Are You an Old Fart?  (Michael O’Mara Books) by Mark Leigh (September 2012)

  Careless Talk  (Andrews UK Publishing) by David Barry (September 2012)

   HIVE  (Champagne Books/Burst imprint) by Marc Davies (August 2012)

 CRASH! The Official Bankers Joke Book  (Endeavour Press) by Mark Leigh (July 2012) 

 The Wrecking Bar  (Robert Hale) by Meurig Jones (April 2012)

   The Salamander Stone  (Champagne Books) by Christine Fenge (April 2012)