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Listed below are the Red Rattle Books that have been published. All the Red Rattle Books titles are still available, either on line internationally or at good bookshops. To know which books are the most recent visit the latest releases page. The individual book covers can be seen on the pages that organise this list into various categories.

Treat Me Nice – Howard Jackson

Innocent Mosquitoes – Howard Jackson

Frankenstein Galvanized – Edited Claire Bazin

Dracula’s Midnight Snacks – Edited David Saunderson

No Money Honey – Howard Jackson

Mortal Shuffle – Jim Lawler

Telegraph For Garlic – Edited Samia Ounoughi

Nightmares Ahead – Howard Jackson

Undead Underneath – Jack Swift

Zombie Bites – Edited David Saunderson

Horror Pickers – Howard Jackson

Hate Until Warm – Jim Lawler

Mean and Dark – Howard Jackson

How To Defend Yourself Against Scorpions – Fernando Sorrentino

Nightmares and Lying Rogues – Howard Jackson

Cool Blood Walk – Jack Swift

Done Something Bad – Jim Lawler

Choke Bay – Howard Jackson

Slow Lump Jump – Jack Swift

Light Work – Howard Jackson

Led To The Wrong – Jim Lawler

No Tall Heels To Tango – Howard Jackson

Fatal Credit – Jim Lawler

Go Break Bad – Howard Jackson

Offended Shadows – Howard Jackson